The Second component of our solution methodology entails Fleet Dispatching software which has been developed in cooperation with Sogeti Belgium nv.

Known in literature for its' NP-Hardness, the fleet dispatching problem (also known as the Vehicle Routing Problem) is one of the most difficult ones to solve. As businesses all over the world are pressured into cost-efficient and lean transportation chains, it is vital to optimize every aspect of it. With ever increasing oil prices and penalties for CO2 emissions, eliminating unnecessary detours can be crucial. Our software uses the latest state-of-the art algorithms to quickly bring you high quality results. Our case study has shown that up to 20% of fuel can be saved by using our package.

Software Features

  • Easily create Sales Regions
  • Define the right staffing levels to serve all of your customers
  • Optimize your profits by taking Customer Lifetime Value into account
  • Improve customer satisfaction by taking the customer's time windows into account
  • Visualize your delivery routes and capitalize on the information
  • Visualize the impact of small changes in your delivery routes
  • Schedule least-cost routes using state-of-the art algorithms
  • Tackles even the largest customer sets