Customer Analytics and Logistics Management

From Predictive Analytics to Prescriptive Analytics

This website presents results of the scientific research of the customer intelligence cluster of the Department of Marketing at Ghent University.

As our area of expertise has been evolving from predictive modeling to prescriptive/normative modeling, we have deepened our expertise in optimization. This resulted in the integration of the Analytics field with the Operations Research field. Based on a case study with a company in the home vending industry, the first visible implementation of this integration was our Customer Analytics and Logistics Management (CALM) model.

CALM enhances the standard predictive analytics engines in order to generate the best possible customer lifetime values for each of your customers. These predictions along with all other related customer information is then used to improve the standard logistics engines. This renders better delivery routes which incorporate more information then ever before. Other than most fleet dispatching software, we can also tackle very large-scale datasets as we make use of the latest Big Data methodologies.

The two parts of this process are discussed in subsequent pages: Customer Analytics and Logistics.

Education / Training

At the Department of Marketing we also have a specialized Master program in predictive analytics: "Master of Marketing Analysis" (a one-year master program), as well as "Marketing Engineering" (a two-year master as part of Business Engineering).

Moreover, we offer tailor-made training for companies or sectors.