Frequently Asked Questions


All prospective students should start by sending the information form to (click here to download this form). This is an 'ADVANCED MASTER' degree. This means that applicants should have obtained both a bachelor and master degree BEFORE applying to this advanced program (alternatively, graduates from a 4-year bachelor degree may also apply).

People with a Flemish degree: Students with a university degree (2nd cycle) (higher education of minimum 4 years of study). Candidates meeting this requirement are invited to take an admission test, the purpose of which is to determine the knowledge of marketing and marketing research on the one hand and of quantitative skills on the other hand. (Partial) exemption of this admission test can be offered if, on the base of the curriculum, the individual seems to be familiar with these basics.

People with a non-Flemish degree: Non-native English-speaking students with a non-Belgian degree are required to take the GMAT organized by the Graduate Management Admission Council. This test is organized at numerous locations all over the world (click here for additional information). When taking the GMAT, please mention that the results should be forwarded to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University (GMAT code number 7096). Based on their curriculum and this score, students may qualify for admission. In the absence of a GMAT score, the student has to participate in an admission test. (Partial) exemption of this admission test can be offered if, on the base of a strong academic curriculum, the individual seems to be familiar with these basics. A minimum GMAT score of 600 serves as a threshold value for further consideration in the application procedure. As a second requirement (after the GMAT and more important that this first requirement), students have to take an admission test. THIS ADMISSION TEST IS A SERIOUS TEST (about 7 % passed the exam during admission procedure of 2003-2004).

This entrance exam consists of four parts: (1) test of English (reading comprehension, vocabulary, ...), (2) Marketing, (3) Marketing Research, and (4) Mathematics and Statistics. Given the low acceptance rate (about 7 % during admission procedure of 2003-2004) candidates will have to thoroughly STUDY: (1) Kotler (2005 or later edition), Marketing Management, Prentice-Hall (ISBN: 0-13-145757-8), (2) Churchill G.A. & Iacobucci D. (2004), Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations, 9th edition, South-Western Educational Publishing, Thomson Learning (ISBN-10: 0324201605, ISBN-13: 978-0324201604), Calculus is well covered in Haeussler & Paul's 2004 book titled 'Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences" (ISBN: 0-13-127629-8), Prentice-Hall Inc.. Statistics are well covered in: Keller & Warrack (2004), Statistics for Management and Economics, Thomson Learning. These books can be obtained in any good bookstore throughout the world, or are available from online bookstores (e.g. or in Belgium: Among this list of books, the Churchill & Iacobucci (2004) book is the MOST IMPORTANT one. We will organize a date for your admission test upon your request. This ensures maximum flexibility to find a date that suits you. The test is a written procedure (with some optional oral questions). The full test, covering all aspects, will take about 4 hours. If you receive exemptions for certain parts of the tests, it will of course be shorter.


The application is at no charge. Please download and complete the following information form and e-mail this word-document to Non-Belgian students should at the same time (to speed up the process of application) start the procedure outlined on the official UGent-website (click here).


Currently, Ghent University does not offer specific scholarships anymore. However, some scholarships are offered by other organizations (e.g. the Belgian, Flemish government), but they can only be obtained at the Belgian Embassy in the country of residence of the student. Foreign students are advised to contact the Belgian Embassy in their country and inquire about the different scholarships. Moreover the BTC (which is a part of ABOS) offers scholarships specifically for students from the following developing countries: Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina-Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Congo, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Laos, Niger, Mali, Marocco, Mozambique, Palestine, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Southern African Development Community (SADC), Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam. Moreover, they may obtain information from international organizations such as the International Education Financial Aid, or the SOROS fund.

At the end of the academic year, the best MMA student of a given year will receive an award from the 'Jos Van Acker/Jacques de Rijcke Trust Fund', currently valued at 400 EUR. Past recipients of this award are: Katleen Verrelst (1999-2000), Anita Prinzie (2000-2001), Stefaan Veldeman (2001-2002), Bernd Vindevogel (2002-2003), Xavier Valentini (2003-2004), Kristof Coussement (2004-2005) and Griet Verhaert (2005-2006), Philippe Baecke (2006-2007) and Kim Van Geel (2007-2008).


Ghent University is the largest university in Belgium (> 33000 students) with the highest growth rate because of its entrepreneurial spirit and academic achievement. Moreover, it is the highest ranked university of Belgium in most rankings. A good reliable source of information about Belgium is provided by the websites of our embassies. You can also find a list of our embassies, consulates around the world, which may be useful for your visa application procedure. The website of our federal government is also worth a visit, as well as the one of our Flemish community, which offers guided tours highlighting the cultural heritage of Flanders. Finally, the city of Ghent (click on EN for the English version of the landing page) also has a website.


We receive applications from all over the world. International student participation is highly encouraged!